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Customized Distribution Box Professional

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Product Introduction
Ring main unit is generally divided into air insulation and SF6 insulation. It is used for breaking load current, breaking short-circuit current and transformer no-load current, charging current of overhead line and cable line at a certain distance, which plays a control and protection role. It is an important switch equipment for ring network power supply and terminal power supply. In the cabinet, the load switch equipped with air insulation mainly includes gas producing type, compressed air type and vacuum type. The load switch equipped with SF6 insulation is SF6 type. Because SF6 gas is enclosed in the shell, the partition fracture formed by it is invisible. The load switch in the ring main unit generally requires three positions, i.e. cut off the load, isolate the circuit and be grounded. It is easy to realize three positions for gas production type, air compressor type and SF6 type load switch, while the vacuum interrupter can only be disconnected and cannot be isolated. Therefore, an isolating switch is added in front of the load switch in general vacuum load ring network switch cabinet to form isolation fracture.
Ring network cabinet is commonly known as SF6 load switch and SF6 load switch + fuse combination apparatus used in ring network line or terminal. SF6 load switch is a kind of excellent load switch realized by many users in recent years. In addition to the common advantages of long electrical life and strong breaking force with vacuum load switch, its outstanding advantages are easy to realize three working positions (connection, disconnection and grounding), small current (inductance and capacitance) breaking, and strong ability to resist severe environmental conditions. It is suitable for promotion and application in urban and rural medium voltage distribution network.
Load switch is a kind of switch apparatus with simple arc extinguishing device. The load switch using SF6 gas as insulation and arc extinguishing medium is called SF6 load switch. It can be used as closing and breaking load current and overload current, as well as closing and breaking no-load line, no-load transformer and capacitor bank, etc The switch has the characteristics of simple structure and low price. Only the load switch can not break the short-circuit current.
SF6 load switch + fuse combination apparatus is made by SF6 load switch to undertake the closing and breaking of overload current (the overload current for SF6 load switch is still within the range of rated breaking current of load switch) and normal working current, and it is also required to undertake the breaking of "transfer current". The short-circuit protection and overload protection of the high-voltage side of the transformer are undertaken by the high-voltage current limiting fuse. At this time, a group of SF6 load switches and three fuses with trigger, as long as any trigger acts, its linkage mechanism will make the three-phase load switch automatically open at the same time. The organic combination of the two can meet the requirements of operation protection of distribution system under various normal and fault conditions.


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